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Assembly & wage work

Establish on the basis of customer needs not only devices and special machines for the manufacture of components, but also parts to be manufactured to produce the same to itself, we have included the end of 2009 another branch of business installation work with us to our program. Since then he has been steadily growing on, as the advantages of handling the plants when we have clear and recognize that more and more customers.

- Quick and cost-saving repair time,
- On-time delivery and impeccable quality,
- And very attractive conditions in the manufacturing of parts

are just some advantages you should absolutely call, if the production of parts and the manufacturer of special machines, or devices remains.

You may decide, depending on the desire for yourself if you let the pieces of the assembly itself and deliver either buy, or you just want to let us organize the parts needed in the acquisition.

How do you choose, the quality of your parts to us is always at heart!!