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Parts manufacturing

If our common partner within a radius of 10 km are taken together, then our ability to manufacture parts to actually make NO LIMITS.

So we can in the metal & plastic processing fully support all industrial manufacturing facilities.

Whether by milling, turning, hardening, grinding, EDM, stamping, embossing, to the laser beam with water, O2, or may simply conventional, materials or sheets are also arbitrarily bent and folded. Machined parts should then still riveted together, soldered or welded together, they can also be sandblasted at any time thereafter, polished or engraved are. A coating according to the customer is always one of us to organize.

And because we have short connections to all of our partners, although there are various operations and areas, but all in UNBEATABLE TIME.

Also, plastic syringes, whether alone or in conjunction with this metal, is for us no problem, because even a construction department for plastic injection molds is with us in the house of TGF Schmalkalden.